A new venture…

I’ve always wanted to be creative, to create pretty things or write spell-binding stories. But I’ve never felt good enough or smart enough or creative enough to do much beyond cross stitching and fanfiction. But now that I’m older, I say screw it. I don’t have to create masterpieces. I don’t even have to create things other people will like. I just have to make something I like and have fun doing it.

And I guess, if I like it enough, I’ll post it here and on my various social media feeds.

My first big “try something new” test came in April ’16, when I decided to try my hand at quilling after watching some tutorials online. I bought a starter kit and some paper and this was my first attempt at quilling art…

"Quilling Debut"
“Quilling Debut”

I had wanted to use soft pinks and greens for the entire piece only I didn’t have enough of the colors I wanted in the starter kit, so I had to utilize more brighter colors (and a little bit of purple when I ran completely out of pink).

Is it perfect? No. But it was basically a practice piece, to give me an idea on how to create different shapes out of rolled up strips of paper.

I’ve done a few more projects since then, and I’ll post them here when I have a chance…


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